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Going beyond the conventional brake system, the brake-by-wire technology is disrupting the capabilities of vehicles as drivers are able to gain control over the braking system of their cars. As a result of this, automakers are likely to embrace the brake-by-wire technology for their future cars on a large scale.

Our premium High Performance Rear Brake hose comes with cross-bore and grooved rotors as well as braided stainless steel hoses. Specific details can be found on the brake hoses page.

Used as a connection and assembly part to Brake Hoses, the brake connection part may differ in shape depending on each brake hose.

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Below are some of the many automotive parts services we offer:

 ✅ Automotive Spare Parts Production

Automotive Brake Wire Production

 ✅ Automotive Brake Hose Production

                                                                  ✅ Automotive Fitting Production


How Do We Work

The customer requesting an automotive part talks about the sector and we make purchases about us.
To provide the best quality and appropriate service with the demand and market research in product presentation
Once the necessary research is done, a price proposal is submitted for the completion of the project.
At this last step, the manufacturing is done for the acceptance of the product and the delivery time varies according to the type of product.
  • Request
  • Analysis
  • Price Offer
  • Production
Since its establishment, GTFlexco has been working as a strategic partner by adding value to all solution partners. In order to introduce our country to the world to contribute to the economy, it provides medical products in a wide range of fields. One of the main reasons for our company being preferred; We are a company that can offer experience, reasonable prices, professionalism and integrity, and provides products by emphasizing the principles of quality and safety for your needs. As a company that has adopted the international competition and universal success criteria as a guide, GTFlexco has a proven claim to produce the fastest and the right solution for the different needs of its customers in different geographies.
Our Vision
As GTFlexco our vision is to become a company that is among the reputable companies in the sector, which brings global solutions to improve the quality of life of our customers and aims to provide the highest quality products and professionalism.
Our Mision
GTFlexco is to become a brand in healthcare by specializing in reflecting the latest innovations to its products, following scientific and technological developments, making a difference in the industry with its understanding of service at international quality standards without compromising ethical principles.

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Bryce H. San Luis Obispo, CA

“Excellent diagnostics, communication, and completion of the job in a very prompt and professional manner. We will definitely be sending more business their direction. Very happy with this shop and their mechanics”

Paul A. Munger. New York, NY

“They provide fast supply service for automotive parts and accessories.” Also, the prices are very affordable. I recommend them without reservation.

Harry J. Spencer. Deer Park, TX

“They have rich stocks of many automotive accessories such as brake hoses and brake cables, and they have a wide range of supply services to all countries”

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